Public Notices


On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 the Milton School Board will be holding a public hearing on the following:

To expend funds from the school district’s Education of Special Needs Children Expendable Trust Fund for the purpose of reimbursing the general

To expend funds from the school district’s Building Maintenance and Repair Expendable Trust Fund for the purpose of improving and repairing security features at Nute High School & Library and Milton Elementary School and Phase 3 re-shingling of the Milton Elementary School Roof.

To accept additional unanticipated revenue of $6,679.45 from the School Improvement Grant for testing accessories needed for student testing and testing incentives.

To accept unanticipated revenue of $50,000 for FY 19 from the Department of Health & Human Services’ Strategic Prevention Framework Grant for counseling and student enrichment.

The hearing will be held at Milton Town Hall commencing at 6:00 PM.

                       MILTON SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS

 MAY 2018

May      9     Facilities Subcommittee - 5:00 PM
                  School Board meeting - 6:00 PM

May    23     Policy Subcommittee - 5:00 PM
                  School Board Meeting - 6:00 PM

Meetings to be held at the Milton Town Hall.

Milton's Portion of SAU Fund Balance


The Milton Board of Education has been diligent in being cost effective in assuring budgets are well crafted and not at all frivolous. The answer is clearly in the result. This is a list of monies returned each year to lower the tax rate. These monies listed below vividly show the amount of money given back to the town each year to LOWER THE TAX RATE.  Fund Balances Returned 2009-2016

  School Bus.png 2017-2018 Routes

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